Sunday, May 27, 2012

Liliana's 3rd Birthday Party!

Finally here are pictures of Liliana's 3rd Birthday Party!

 Her cake

 Cake and cupcakes
 Decorations I made!  I love the Tutu table dec
 One of her presents.  A 3D heart bubble set
 Liliana Blowing out her candles
 Such a beautiful girl
 A better view of what I can do with decorating.
 Liliana and her friend Layla
 Pictures turn out so awesome when she doesnt know
they are being taken.
 The fruit kabobs I made.  This was my favorite from her party. 
It looks so cool!
 Hannah and Liliana dancing
 It was also the day of her Uncle Bub's senior prom.
Can't believe my little brother is a senior.

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